Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Coffee: A Writer's Best Friend

This time two years ago, I had never drank coffee other than when I was four, according to my mother, slurping her brew when she would leave it out of sight for a moment. As a result, I went through thirteen years of high school, four years of college and about a year and a half in the workforce without the poison that, today, makes the work possible that is created on this space. Two high school diplomas, two degrees and a pretty successful journalism career later, the things I have to create today are much harder to achieve than these laughable Master degrees that appear to have been handed to me if I was able to acquire them without a drop of coffee. And the overwhelming question I have now, almost two years into my coffee career, is: "How was I able to do fourteen hour library sessions and allnighters at the city council counting ballots without coffee?"

The kind of efficiency that is necessary to be self-employed is through the roof, and since I consume no other drugs that could help me stay awake when I am simply unable to sleep due to deadlines or pressures, coffee is the stone I can kill two birds with: stay awake and improve my performance. Every writer will know that focusing, researching and writing is a lot easier when wired on coffee. If my heart is racing, my feet can't stay still and my eyes are wide open it appears to be easier to fly through work, and the fact that this behavior sounds pretty unhealthy but I couldn't care less proves that me and coffee share more than just friendship. It's love!

Yes, I am in a relationship with coffee because I rely on it, have an emotional reaction to its appearance and can't live without it anymore. It even makes my heart beat faster, who else can do that? A coffee being served makes me happy, and when it's gone I miss it because, well, it's delicious, and well, I need it. We are all humans that could probably sufficiently survive by ourselves, but life becomes so much more easy when we can share our troubles with someone. I don't have a someone I can share my problems, workload or exhaustion with, so I had to start considering coffee as my potential partner in crime. And I can't say I regret it.

As a writer, however, not drinking coffee can actually hurt a career. Since I don't have an office or a boss that tells me everyday what I have to do, I seek out cafes in the surroundings that offer a good thinking space. Now I could sit there every day and order an orange juice, but what does an orange juice do? It may be healthier, but it definitely will not improve my performance writing pieces I am solely responsible for at all. Without the caffeinated kick I highly doubt I would fight my procrastination as well as I do. The psychological soothing of a coffee next to my laptop when I am ready to write for an entire day is unprecedented, only to be relieved by the replacement of a glass of wine once the writing is done. Coffee really is a perfect beverage both for taste and kick, and I wouldn't be as successful without it... literally!

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