Monday, September 5, 2011

Why share?

It is not easy to aspire writing. Especially if you are living and thinking in a different language but the one your mother taught you. Everyone knowing a foreign language knows what it's like to be wanting to say something but not being able to say it. My difficulties with writing are only very rarely related to vocabulary questions or grammar insecurities. I wanna make every sentence perfect. And even if I know what every word I want to say means, I usually do NOT end up with the sentence that reflects the essence of my thinking. My thoughts just don't come in letters, they have to be transformed into them...

This needs to stop. My mind is clear yet very complex. I know my opinion and I understand my language. What I need to learn is how to put those two together. How do I make a synapse in my head a beautiful piece of art that says what I mean? Because that is what this is all about. It's an art really, like paining a picture. Words are tools that if put together correctly can generate a feeling. I have the feeling to offer and now need the colors to paint the picture. I need to write because these feelings, opinions and emotions are too diverse for a single picture. 

This blog is about me and whatever is going on inside my head. There is barely a topic I wouldn't have anything to say about, but the challenge of this blog is to do it in the right way. I want to be proud of what I say, not just say it. Only then can I expect for people to hear me one day...

So this is a blog for me. I have a style and I have a thought and I will put them both together to the satisfaction of pretty much just myself. However, unlike a private journal, I want to learn how to express myself in case someone would read it. That will probably never happen but for training purposes it's a good idea anyways. 


  1. Hey, I somewhere read, don't exactly remember where, that you're looking out for a place that you could finally call home. Wow. That's fascinating! And that kind, I mean people who usually speak their hearts out, are ones I usually find interesting and admirable.

    Heard of India ... and not it's not the land of snake charmers, alone, if that's what your idea about it is, as I have seen many foreigners have. We charm other reptiles as well :D :D Kidding. But on a serious note... maybe India is also something you'd like to have down your list of places you might want to experiment with to call it home. :)

    And again, personally speaking, it's not really the place that ever makes up to a home home. It's the people you are with that does. Cheers! :)

  2. @geek_ji: Thank you, I tried India before too :) You are right, people make home, but if you never stay long enough to connect that's a problem, too haha