Saturday, December 13, 2014

The opposite of boredom

As writing is now my job and hobby, the recreational use of it has suffered. However, the much bigger problem with writing a blog these days is the sheer and utter absence of time. My room at New Palace Hotel has not been graced with my presence in over a month other than to catch a few hours of sleep. Most days it is physically impossible to sleep longer than six hours and I have not had time to catch up on Modern Famliy. This only really becomes funny when considering what my life was just over three months ago. Just a little hint: it was the complete opposite.

Now that is not a bad thing. In the beginning of September I was unemployed, out of this world bored and I'd say pretty lonely. I had friends but they never had time and my mom had become my leisure time companion so in a way you could say I didn't have friends. What I did have was a long day ahead of me every day in which I intended to get up at nine but then thought to myself "what will I do for 17 hours today?". I started playing The Sims, not because I liked it so much but at least it gave me something to do other than writing more applications for jobs I wasn't interested even slightly. Needless to say, even though I'm crazy busy here I don't miss those days for a second.

It's funny how people here have way more things to do than Germans but still find a way to enjoy something other than their couch. I work from ten to six every day and have never just gone home after work once. I have a sister and a boyfriend I wanna see more than once a week so that's almost impossible next to extra work hours and having an interest in some hobbies or random people. The job comes with a lot of benefits but also the odd "conduct an interview at the other side of town after work hours" which doesn't help planning to spend time on the things I want to spend time on. I usually coordinate my weeks and the suddenly, boom, there is no plan anymore. At least I'm not bored!

Being bored is virtually impossible. My job has me going to restaurants to eat for free or parties with an open bar. On top of that I have someone to call if I ever get bored. In Germany I called everyone I knew on a regular basis to find someone to drink a coffee with me and I did not succeed in 99% of those cases because I was competing with couches, tv shows or boyfriends. Now I have my own boyfriend, I don't even need tv or a couch. My mom is coming over this week and it stresses me out thinking that I will have to squeeze her in too which of course I will be very happy to do. However, it's hard for me to even remember those days I was bored because I am now the opposite.

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