Sunday, May 4, 2014

An attempt to explain why Star Wars rocks... by me...!

May the Forth is upon us and I went to a Star Wars Marathon at the movies. I kid you not, running an actual marathon could not have been harder, I was fighting sleep throughout and it was the first time in my life I couldn't wait for Star Wars to end. Why people do this to "celebrate" Star Wars is beyond me. Celebration, however, is due. That franchise deserves all the glory. I'm neither the first nor the last person to ever say that but STAR WARS IS FREAKING EPIC! What's puzzling to me is why. I have not been able to detect why I, a 25-year-old female One Direction enthusiast, loves Star Wars. I am the opposite of Lucas' demographic. Nevertheless, I am obsessed!

I'm too young to have grown up with the old films and too old to have grown up with the new ones. Also, I am a girl. However, I'd like to believe that I'm just as much in awe when I see a lightsaber fight as my colleague who is ten years my senior and doesn't have boobs. He grew up with Start Wars, as did almost every kid his age, and his love for it derives from childhood memories, boys' desires to see people fighting and their affiliation with science fiction. But what about me? Why the hell was Anakin Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi fighting on Mustafar one of the most amazing moments I can recall from hundreds of movies I've seen?

People widely agree the acting in Star Wars, old and new, isn't great. Also, of course it's a big budget movie but special effects of any kind wouldn't capture an audience for 40 years. Star Wars movies never really focus too much on proper character development either so it's definitely not the emotional side of it that made Star Wars a phenomenon (although I was properly in pieces when Obi Wan shouted "You were the chosen one!" at the end of above mentioned battle). I have to assume that it is the imagination of one single man, in this case George Lucas, that just happened to hold an idea that was so great most people like it. It's not just a movie, it's a different reality. Still, things happening in these different realities succeed in relating to the audience.

Now none of us will be around long enough to witness space travel being a common thing. Heck, it will probably never happen as long as homo sapiens rule. Some people watch movies to escape their realities, make them dream, hope for better things. Star Wars will never happen! However, I'd like to believe that if such a scenario would ever arise things could play out like they did in Star Wars. If you transfer what happens in Tatooine to our life you could say Luke Skywalker is just a fantastic example of the "American Dream". God knows I can relate to Padme Amidala for liking younger guys! And excuse me for saying this but being a Jedi is as good a religion as any, and I dig it. So although Star Wars has nothing to do with any of our lives it manages to make us feel for it.

This May the Forth is a special one indeed because the cast for Episode VII was released this week. Can I get a "Thank God, no Zac Efron!" In two years today Star Wars Day could have a whole new meaning. Either I'm still going to be paralyzed because Episode VII managed to meet expectations that are probably quite low after Episode I or Abrams failed on a massive scale. I can't say I'm not concerned but so far it looks like it could work out. Since story, characters, actors and other things have been flawed sometimes along the way I am, however, confident that as long as the Star Wars reality can be upheld we will be celebrating May 4 for a long time to come...

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