Sunday, May 18, 2014

Painting Aachen red aka "Next time I wanna have fun I'll bathe in acid!"

I went out last night. What a bummer... it was horrendous! Quelle surprise! I tend to trash talk Germany and although I'm becoming a bigger fan every day I do not see my attitude towards a party in Germany change. After 25 years in this world I have seldom experienced a good party in Aachen. All the exceptions had a foreign influence, like the night out with the British Rugby team, the one with the three random Belgians and numerous nights with my friends from Scotland or America. And last night is living proof again that it's in fact not the music, or the venues, or the flow of alcohol that makes a German party pish. It is the German people!

Not too distant are the memories of Greg and Conor taking their shirts off at a party in Germany last summer and being stared like they just got naked. It's a summer night, why were they the only ones? When I was on club trip in Cologne with 40 Scottish volleyball players they were rejected from every club because the guys were in kilts. The things I consider outstanding banter are nothing but an annoyance to the diverse and fun-loving people of Aachen. Then again, am I surprised? I live in a city with 90% men, 150% of them being mechanical engineers who probably hate life! We have two clubs, no good restaurants and our best shot at fun is the movie theater. This kind of place needs good energy to feed from because there's no places that provides it. Don't go look for positive energy at the club I went to last night though. Or any other one, on any other night...

German people appear to hate good times. Instead, they love hating on a person having a good time. I always have a good time, even when I'm really not, and I am tired or being bullied for dancing or laughing. Yesterday I had had a million coffees and was blabbering like a maniac only to be stared at by everyone attending the house party I was at. I like to talk to strangers and warm to people easily. With these attributes living in Germany is not ideal. The only explanation I have is that I'm just a really crap person because no stranger wants to talk to me. However, I know for a fact I'm not a crap person, I'm really really nice, and it doesn't really make sense that nobody talks to me. I met no strangers last night...

Why it's impossible to meet people around here? It seems that talking to people who are not the friends you came with is not popular. Maybe it's not accepted, sure seems like it. All groups "dance" in a circle, and it cannot be broken. If you attempt to break into the circle, whether it is because you are wasted and consider it a good idea or because you are trying to be social, people are appalled by it. Hence, my presence at a German party is a match made in hell. I am way too happy for a party like that. If they play Missy I want to go insane and to be completely honest I want everyone else to do the same. Or at least nod their heads, swing their arms around a bit maybe, or blink in sync to the music if you physically can't stand to express joy. Please join me in insanity, I like all people! I am, however, asking for too much with that.

At the party I was standing on an elevated platform for a few minutes looking over the dance floor. Actually, I would think twice whether I want to call it that. For a second I considered making a video of the dance floor to capture the lameness of this crowd. Then I thought I might as well just take a picture because it would make virtually no difference as nobody was moving anyways. I was wondering if I was at a funeral or a party. I knew these people were drunk and the music was amazing but 99% of that posse appeared to have thrown some Valium instead of Ecstasy. I do not condone drug use but I am considering making junkie friends so I can go to a party and not be the only one moving. Is it a party if you feel bad for having a good time?

Additionally, I'm over parties anyways. There's a place and time for drinking, partying, flirting and everything a club is designed for and I'm not interested in any of these activities. However, a night out dancing with fun people should never be a bad idea and cause frustration, boredom or anger. Seeing a lame crowd that binge-drinks and still shows no sign of a good time actually makes me angry. It scares me to imagine these people without drink because how much more boring, closed off and lame can someone be? I truly hope this is an Aachen problem and I will ceased to have it once I leave. Alternatively, I hope that London Rugby teams come to visit more often so I can have a good time again...

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