Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Top 50 favorite songs of all time!

My old friend Pat came up with this awesome idea of making a Top 50 of all my favorite songs. He introduced the idea to me in 2008, having made his own Top 50 in the year and a half prior, and it took me almost a year to come up with mine. I am not hugely into music. Of course I like a good tune but I wouldn't call myself an enthusiast. In fact, since I made my Top 50 I have largely stopped listening to any other songs but those 50. What makes a favorite song? For me it was the ability to listen to it without being annoyed past the first few weeks after release. It turned out, however, that songs get to be my favorite without being good. The majority of my Top 50 would not make it on just that list today. It is the connecting memory I have to most songs that makes me like to listen to them for weeks, sometimes months, in these cases years. I revised my list over the years and remained with these songs and memories.

  1. Haerts- Wings This song recently became number one after I realized I've been listening to it every day for a year  without getting tired of it. 
  2. Alphaville – Forever Young First song I remember being my favorite so it takes me back to being 4, arguably the best memory a person could have. Besides, the evanescence of youth makes a good song. 
  3. Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy (ACOUSTIC)
  4. Christmas Canon
  5.  MGMT – Electric Feel
  6. Frank Ocean – Thinking about you Other than being an incredible song it reminds me of summer 2013 which was the best I ever had.
  7. The shins – New Slang 
  8. Burning Hearts - Into the Wilderness
  9. Lion King – Kann es wirklich Liebe seiN
  10. Gigi d’Agostini – L’amour toujours
  11. Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell - Leave the world behind Summer 2011 memories: India and Ibiza where this song obviously rocked!
  12. Keane – Try again On my 18th birthday I was driving home through the countryside at night when it started snowing and this song was on. One of the best moments of my life. The song stuck...
  13. Band of Horses – The Funeral In October 2008 this song randomly came on when I was sitting on a bench in front of the city hall in Denver, CO. That day I was very happy...
  14. Lana del Rey – Bel-Air One of the few songs I get negative memories with. I was hardly ever feeling as bad as I was in December 2012 when I was in Israel. The Newtown shooting had happened a few days prior. I was sitting in the old city of Jerusalem, listening to this song, and had to start crying. 
  15. Adrian Lux - Teenage Crime After I came home from from Ibiza I had post-holiday blues to the max. This song was torture!
  16. Mumford and Sons – Below my Feet This song is a prayer!
  17. Haim – Don’t save me I can't tell why this song is so awesome but it's different and it reminds me of my favorite job ever, being a waitress at Ketchup, rocking out with my lovers Beth and Geri to this...
  18. UB 40 - Red Red Wine This is a song that reminds me of my friend Jake who I love. I went to see him in London one time and he only had this song on a CD so we put it on and listened to it all night. 
  19. Paolo Nutini- Jenny don’t be hasty Who could have known that the lyrics of this song will become so relevant to me when I saw Paolo in March 2007? These days, I'm Jenny...
  20. Regina Spektor – Samson "You are my swetest downfall, I loved you first!" Unfortunately, for a long time I knew exactly what she was siging about
  21. Don Omar – Danza Kudoro The moment they open the vault at the end of "Fast Five" is epic. The time of my life when that movie came out was no less epic...
  22. David Gray – This year’s love
  23. The Panics – Don’t fight it My first week in Dundee I was hanging out with this guy one night after a party and we were talking for like 7 hours. Then he put this song on. I was in love (with the song but later, obviously, with him as well)
  24. Braveheart – Sad Theme Perfect song set in the perfect country!
  25. Paolo Nutini – Autumn Another bad memory. After my dad passed away this was my alarm clock for weeks, resulting in me having a casual cry to start the day with every day.
  26. Bl├╝mchen – Herz an Herz
  27. Mumford and Sons - Winter Winds This song came on when I was driving to my friend Tina's funeral. It fit the day like a glove.
  28. Coldplay - Paradise This was my favorite song when I first started dating my ex-boyfriend. The beginning of that experience was pretty awesome, I love to think back to that (the end, not so much!)
  29. Fun. - Some Nights In Summer 2013 a boy I liked came to visit me from Scotland. One day, my friends Conor and Becca also came to visit from Brussels. The day we all hung out in my hometown was one of the best days of my life. It was super sunny, warm and we were driving to a party with the windows down, shouting along to this song. Sweet, sweet memory!
  30. Apocalyptica – Bittersweet
  31. Mumford and Sons - After the Storm
  32. Leona Lewis - I see you
  33. Chris Brown - Forever
  34. Alicia Keys – Try sleeping with a broken heart I was in love with a guy "a million miles away" and imagined "I'd still feel him in my bed"
  35. Hillsong United – Oceans Phew this song saved my life once or twice because life sucks and this song turns that around!
  36. One Republic - Good Life
  37. Tiesto and Busta – C’mon
  38. Aqualung – Strange and Beautiful
  39. Coldplay – Swallowed in the Sea For some reason I'm reminded of getting a Starbucks in Laguna Beach in October 2005.
  40. Beach Boys - I get around
  41. REM – Let me in Another summer lover of mine left back home without "letting me in". However, I love to think back to this guy, still one of the best guys I ever met and another one I didn't marry because he was too far away
  42. Kings of Leon – Closer
  43. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Road Trippin’
  44. U96 - Heaven
  45. Ich & Ich – So soll es bleiben In April 2008 I was driving home from an awesome party, this song came on and I realized that everything in my life was perfect and should in fact stay like this forever. It didn't but one day I hope I'll feel this song again. 
  46. Lykke Li - I follow rivers Budapest Anthem, reminding me of my friend Krisztina and I dancing in her flat to this song. 
  47. Girls Aloud – Call the Shots
  48. Incubus – Kiss to send us off
  49. Ben Harper & Jack Johnson – High Tide or Low Tide
  50. Ginuwine – Differences I was 13, crushing on a boy on the bus I'd never talked to. I also spoke no English so had no idea what this song was about, and didn't get the name Ginuwine!

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