Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Beyonce thinks my soul needs surgery....

Last week I heard the song "Pretty hurts" by Beyonce for the first time and it made me mad as hell. Just hearing the title I already saw it coming that Beyonce, formally known as the hottest and most beautiful woman on this planet, was going to tell me that the personality counts, and that being pretty isn't everything. In fact, I've spent a lot of time thinking about physical beauty and how it affects life. In the course of the last 25 years I have come to the conclusion that pretty definitely doesn't hurt. Why would people being much nicer to you just because you are good looking hurt? Let me tell ya, it doesn't! Of course Mrs Fierce is 100% right about this being a bad development but come on, Beyonce, really?

Realistic thigh gaps!
So Beyonce thinks the light is shown on whatever's worst? No, Beyonce, you do not get to say all this. Please don't tell me that "perfection is a disease of a nation" while genuinely every picture of you is airbrushed to infinity! It's her perfection that makes everyone want to be perfect while I'm sure at least some of it is a huge lie. I once saw a picture of Bey's thigh gap and it makes me mad that such a person is telling ugly folk around the world that pretty hurts. A girl commented under the video "only beautiful people could say pretty hurts but try being ugly!" I love Beyonce, I think she's the bomb, but it doesn't get any more ridiculous than her talking about the urge to be pretty. How's it always the pretty people that say it's the heart that counts? It obviously isn't...

What Mama said to Beyonce in the song I have largely experienced to be correct. Mama told her that she's pretty and doesn't need substance. Tina Knowles is a smart woman because it's true that with a good outfit, decent-sized boobs and pretty hair you can make up for a total lack of personality or brain power. I'm sure the Beyonces and Rhiannas and of this world have made it to the top by being particularly smart or creative... yeah right. I don't even need famous examples because I see people every day who are somewhat successful in life, whether their goal is to pull or have a career, who are not the smartest cookies in the jar but have a really, really flat stomach. Well done, you! I even have friends that use their looks to get what they want. In most instances that's a drink. If you're pretty you never have to be thirsty, never! In the past few years I suppose I've become a bit prettier and I have realized that the more weight I lost the easier life became for me. Attractive people definitely have an easier ride...

In my experience, good-looking people have developed differently from less attractive ones. Their focus simply doesn't have to be character development. While ugly people have to attract others with their personality pretty people manage to do that with a cute pout, no personality necessary. Pretty people also tend to get what they want, and how awesome of a person can someone be if they never had to earn something, never experienced nos or achieve what they wanted by substance not persuasion. At last week's Big Brother launch a model called Ash entered the house, infamously claiming he had never done a hard day's work in his life and that he doesn't have to do anything to get laid. I saw Ash, and I believe it. That man is so beautiful there will be loads of volunteers at any given club at any given night. Everyone will want to be his friend so nobody will piss him off. He did one thing in his life properly right, and that was being born. I'd be super surprised if Ash would also turn out to be an interesting chap.

I have started to properly resent pretty people because their lack of personality in comparison to less attractive people is remarkable. Of course this can't be generalized and even I know awesome people who are beautiful but I like to surround myself with average people because their substance outshines their beauty more regularly. It might just be easier to get to the core with people who have to be bothered about their core because they can't disguise it with their shell. Pretty people are also more likely to be concerned about their looks which is a horrendous trait. I like people who can tell you a good story, and for a good story looks aren't even remotely necessary. I have had many opportunities in life where I could have used my looks to get what I wanted, and occasionally I have obviously made use of that, but I like to believe that it's the stories I tell that make me interesting. I do not look interesting, nobody can claim that, but I know I am. My moderate amount of pretty has not defined me, or at least I hope so.

A video of Beyonce trying to make it look hard being Beyonce!

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