Saturday, July 19, 2014

Being the #1 in the World makes ya feel alright

I have been unable to think about anything but football for five weeks now. Needless to say, I feel like my life has changed drastically since the end of the best tournament in the world on Sunday. And indeed it has changed... for the better! I'm still just as confused about life as I was six weeks ago with a huge difference: I am now a world champion! I don't consider myself a champion because I'm a fan but because I have waited for this title longer than most guys on that team. If I could have done anything to contribute I would have. I expressed my support with massive confidence in my betting game and meditations in which I tried to contact Philipp Lahm's spirit. Since I can't be a professional football player even if I tried that's all I could have done. And now it finally payed off.

All those years I imagined what it would feel like to see my all-time favorite player Miroslav Klose lift the Cup, and now that I know I can assess that it's better than I actually hoped for. It was exstatic, a rush going through my entire body full of pride and joy. If this was an effect drugs had I'd consider becoming an addict. I don't know what drugs do but it couldn't be better than what I felt on Sunday Night, 23.48 when Mario Götze ended 113 minutes of a pulse exceeding 140. I basically ran to Paris and back, measured by my heart rate. There is rather embarrassing photographic proof of me genuinely going insane. And that without a drop of alcohol. Or drugs. Or anything. Just one goal that made my dreams come true.

Over the past six years I was convinced the FIFA World Ranking was going to be owned by my country again. Every tournament I bet money, and favors, and meals on my team only to get kicked out by lucky Italians who had a ucky shot. That's part of the game and that's alright I guess. However, winning in Brazil after playing a tournament like that made all the years of waiting worth it. Pretty much the entire world was behind us because we deserved this trophy if there could ever be such a thing as "deserving" it. An amazing team on and off the field, playing against just about every hard opponent in the entire tournament and missing out so marginally on the honor in the last 12 years made people even outside of this country celebrate Germany winning the title. What an achievement...

I have warm feelings for everyone on that team. I even love Ginter, Großkreutz and Durm. There's no "I" in T.E.A.M, right? But seriously, some of these guys stand out. Bastian Schweinsteiger, what a beast. That guy epitomized what it means to fight for something you really want. How can this guy even still want it? So many setbacks in the quest for a title in international football and now he's freaking immortal. Way to go, man! Mario Götze, with the luckiest shot I've ever seen him make. No doubt, this guy is exceptional but he doesn't usually get a shot like that. And you know why he did now? Because he knew he had to. We had to win it. These boys are modest to the core for absolutely no reason but they always knew they'd take it, and I don't think you could play a tournament like that without thinking you're an absolute animal. Great job, boys!

I've never met anyone involved in this win and just like everybody else in this country I probably have an amount of love for them only topped by the love I have for my mother. I love them! They have given me more joy than anyone else has ever given me which probably derives from my unhealthy obsession with becoming the World Champion. I always knew they could do it but tried their apporach this year of avoiding to boast. When the media critisized them for making fun of the Argentinians that one time I got mad as hell because they were so down-to-earth the entire time, patting a crying David Luiz on the back, calling the Algerians "a team not to be underestimated" (which even turned out to be true) and finishing the game against Brazil, they deserve to celebrate themselves like the kings they are. I'm looking forward to a 70-year-old Thomas Müller reminisce about this.

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