Thursday, July 10, 2014

Why is being intelligent better than being beautiful?

I just had an epitome while watching the latest press conference of my German football heroes. Football players are universally known for not being the brightest cookie in the jar, and how could they be considering that in order to become a professional football player they abandon what we call "an education" no later than age 15 in order to become a physical machine. That means focusing on becoming smart is not only irrelevant for a football player, because why the hell would you need brains on a field, but also slightly impossible. At the same time I don't see why this is even a problem because as long as these guys are fit who cares if they speak English or win money at charity trivia events. Yet everyone seems to feel entitled to talk down these hot, athletic poster boys for lack of brains. This has made me realize that intelligence is the currency in which we feel we can justly judge people. And I hate it!

I would say that out of all compliments I ever got my favorites have been the times people called me smart. On the other side of the coin I don't enjoy being called beautiful unless it's the man of my dreams saying it. Why? Because I inherently think that the latter is a superficial compliment. But why should my supposed intelligence define me more than my supposed beauty? It doesn't really make sense. Maybe I feel that beauty is something that can be amended while intelligence is a trait I was born with but that isn't even true. I became smart as a consequence to the life I lived. The amount of talent involved in becoming smart is no bigger than the genetic component of what people call beauty. Reading countless books has been to my inteligence what lipstick and mascara is to my beauty; one is no better than the other.

People talk down beautiful people for having less intelligence because intelligent people tend to have less beauty. While being beautiful is definitely what most people notice about someone more intelligence is what everybody claims they're looking for in potential partners. Who is everybody kidding? It's funny such an argument would start with mentioning football players because when's the last time these apparent ping pong balls married someone ugly. Not only are they mostly gorgeous but they have a reputation for being just as stupid as their husbands. And that's my epitome: intelligence is the currency they all want to pay with, however, usually beauty is the only one accepted. The only reason why one is better than the other is that one is volatile, the other isn't.

That makes intelligence no better than beauty. For a football player, however, intelligence is just not necessary while for an academic like me beauty isn't even remotely part of the deal. 99% of people outside of university that have ever read my stuff have never seen my face or the size of my tush (or, since nobody knows, my incredibly flat stomach). For me it's undoubtedly more important to be considered for brain power than for nice teeth or big boobs. To discard that football players unjustly make as much money as they do because they're stupid is a huge mistake. These guys have shaped their bodies in ways I could only hope to shape my brain. More time has gone into making them machines than in making me a writer. Thus far, I'm having it because I'm making zero dollar with it while RVP makes millions. And it's fair because he owns his trade more than I do mine and brings in millions to the club he's playing at while nobody is willing to let me make them money (as of yet). I think we have a winner!

So I might be brighter than Lukas Podolski but it doesn't pay the bills at all. Why intelligence is what they're all defining people with is beyond me. Both beauty and intelligence are completely irrelevant to knowing a person. Of course that offers a starting point to defining attraction but one is just as superficial as the other. My dream man is obviously hot, beautiful, intelligent and sporty at the same time, yet I have been with exactly zero guys who have fit this description. Worse, I have been with ugly, fat and stupid guys and they were still lovely. My bottom line is that defining people by intelligence might not be as superficial as defining them by beauty but it's just as pointless. And a football player applying the only rules he knows to finding a spouse makes perfect sense. No wonder they're all ridiculous bimbos. It's a hot and hollow boy these girls have to stand next to, and that works perfectly without a brain.

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