Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ode to German Legends!

I am genuinely speechless... and I'm a writer! In fact, a writer being speechless means that there are too many things to be said at the same time one can't decide on what to say first. I do not know where to start in summarizing a day I will never forget in my entire life. I am a huge football fan and I am German so I'm sure nobody would be surprised to hear that I would call it the most beautiful night ever. I am convinced I will talk about yesterday when I'm 90, when I tell my grandkids about the times before Thomas Müller was the best player on Earth. I woke up covered in goosebumps this morning although saying "morning" would be a stretch. Expressing what I feel about our historic 7-1 win last night won't be a breeze. Because words can't do it justice.

Being on the internet last night and this morning has been the best experience I've had with new media so far. I'm a general enthusiast of social media but I never experienced me and my 1,000 facebook friends and all of twitter having a global conversation about one and the same thing. I didn't know which of the countless memes I wanted to share. All I wanted to do was shout out to the world how amazing this game was, and Social Media gave me that chance. In return I was repeatedly crying because people from all over the world sent me pictures, videos and congratulations. I felt like it was my birthday, only I didn't even get old. I feel like a million dollars now...

To think back now and remember how I celebrated the first goal seems a little silly. And even today I still can't fully comprehend what happened. Maybe that's because I didn't see it all happen properly. After Miroslav Klose scored his 16th goal at a World Cup, I was on the floor, crying my eyes out. When I got up two more goals had been scored, and we were ahead 4-0. At that stage everybody was in absolute exstasy already. The fourth goal was very obviously not a recap, yet everyone in the room couldn't believe it was happening again. Of course, the game had been decided but it was the way in which it happened that saw people watch the screen in shock. Every other goal just made it more unbelievable. Heads were shaking in disbelief.

Four goals in five minutes? That's incredible, I can't believe it's real. There was no time for celebration because the next goal was already in the making. The Brazilians were paralyzed. It wasn't a superior German team that pulled that off. I remember this stage 8 years ago when the Italian goal against Germany in extra time was followed by a second one in seconds because it was over and the Germans couldn't move anymore. As an appreciator of Brazilian football I almost feel bad. Yes, they were never good enough to justify their favorite status but a humiliation like this at home is a real shame. Ronaldo was having a nightmare as Miro beat his record and the Mannschaft his team.

I also can't help but to go into more detail about the best moment in football history for me. When I was 13 years old my school decided to make us go to PE class instead of allowing us to see the game against Cameroon. One of the teachers came running to the gym and shouted "Tor durch Kopfball-Klose!" ("Goal by Header-Klose"). From this day on Miroslav Klose has been my favorite player. I admire his game and the person he is. What a contrast he is to Ronaldo who is undoubtedly a legend but he indulges in it. Klose scored his record-breaking 16th goal last night and quietly wept a tear. Four year of waiting to get a chance to do it and then he suceeds. What a moment! He only went to Lazio so he would have the chance to become the best scorer of World Cup history, and yesterday the most humble man in football did it. If we win the World Cup now I vowed to get a tattoo in his honor...

One more game, entering as the clear favorite which can't hurt. However, the only team that's possibly as hungry as we are is the Dutch one because they still don't have a single star. I will not sleep until Sunday because I'm too nervous. This means so much to me that Sunday could wipe out the desperation of this year so far and instantly make it the summer of my life. My sister changed her ticket to come home to watch the final here, and it would be one of my biggest dreams come true to see Miro lift that cup. 90 minutes will make the difference between the happiest Sina ever or devastation. May the football gods be with us...

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