Thursday, August 21, 2014

"#ALSIceBucketChallenge destroying our world!"

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been the highlight and lowlight of my entire week. Why it's a highlight goes without saying: millions of dollars raised for a great cause, awareness of a horrific disease raised and a lot of fun watching celebrities dump a bucket of ice water over their head. Just like the no make up selfie someone had a fantastic idea and I'm glad it caught on. Then there is the bitter off-taste of wonderful PR. No, I'm not going to say that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a waste of water. And no, I'm not going to criticize people accepting the challenge but not donating money because that's what it really is about. The difference between me and people who say that is that I don't have to hate on EVERYTHING!

When the no make up selfie became viral earlier this year all the naysayers had a much more fertile ground for criticism. Most women taking part really did have a exhibitionistic bone in their body. It was great to support charity but it was also very fun being complimented on a bare-faced picture. There were more people talking down a super innocent little PR stunt than people taking part in it. Dollar for charity or awareness for breast cancer that had been raised became secondary. How in the world could that happen from such an awesome idea? For me there is no other explanation than people being a***. I couldn't care less how stupid people make themselves look in order to raise money for charity, it's always a good idea. The Ice Bucket Challenge isn't even vain. Yet, people obviously still found a way to ruin it.

Okay, I get it, there's a drought in parts of the US and all over the world, for that matter. First of all, decades of water profusion did that and not a bucket of ice water dumped over our head (for a good cause, I might add!). It's driving me insane that people can't sit back and enjoy this fantastic idea without finding a way to bad mouth it. Everything we do is not beneficial to the world in some way or another so if we found a way to waste water and make money for charity in the process I think that may actually make it a pretty smart way to waste water. The waste of water will not cease whether people do Ice Bucket Challenges or not. Stopping ALS, however, is much more possible than two weeks ago. So I really don't see a reason why I shouldn't ask these ridiculous people to shut the hell up.

Charlie Sheen is one of these stupid people. I was really annoyed to watch his Ice Bucket Challenge in which he dumped 10,000 Dollars on himself he then proclaimed to be donating to the ALS Foundation because ice water over his head won't find a cure but those dollars might. So basically, Charlie Sheen is calling everyone who participated a hypocrite. I don't appreciate that behavior. I am thankful for every single person, from the guy at my supermarket to Gerge W. Bush, to take part in this event no matter why they do it because it helps spread awareness. People criticizing Bush for his video, saying "a murderer raising money", makes me super mad. I'd even appreciate Osama Bin Laden doing the challenge because the more people will the more money comes in, and that's a fact. Who cares who they are? Not everyone can donate money but everybody can do the Ice Bucket Challenge and continue raising awareness of a disease that is very real.

As a PR enthusiast I appreciate these challenges massively but at the same time that's maybe because I'm a person that doesn't have to criticize everything. I enjoy things for what they are without analyzing. I was entertained by the challenges and impressed they managed to do a lot of good. That's where my thoughts on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge end. It's like poetry: really awesome and beautiful to be read and enjoyed, super annoying to analyze. People weren't taking action to prevent droughts last month why should it be different now. Southern Californians don't need an individual pool in their backyard and still they all have one. And that pool ain't saving lives anytime soon. So seriously, shut up! It's ridiculous and boring criticism and I'm super tired of it.

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