Friday, August 15, 2014

The day I ended up in the hospital

Anyone who's ever read this blog will have noticed I'm quite good with dates. A good day I will remember for the rest of my life, what I did when and, most importantly, what the date was. With bad days it happens similarly, however, obviously without enthusiasm. I revisit those moments at least once a year, on their anniversary. For example, I hardly ever think about my Dad unless it's his date of birth or death. On these days it feels like there is additional emotional baggage. August 11, will be one of those days. It is hard for me to imagine that there could be a worse day for numerous reasons. From last week on, a series of really bad events started a downwards spiral and ended... in the hospital.

Let's start on top. On Thursday I went over to a friend's house to indulge over the serious disillusionment of post-grad life. No surprises that I haven't been living the good life lately but I was pretty reasonable about it. That day I uttered the sentence "as long as we're all healthy!" What a foolish, ridiculous mistake. If life taught me anything it's that it can always get worse. The very same day I had a little bike accident that resulted in one rather large wound on my left shin. So far, no nightmare! On Friday morning, I thought it'd be best to let a doctor look at it. So I went to the hospital.

At the emergency room they found it necessary to operate right away. The wound was cut open until I could have a look at my bone. Unbelievably, the doctor jinxed it, saying "if you're unlucky it will get infected but that's unlikely!" In his defense, he didn't know he was speaking to the unluckiest person on Earth. I have never won a single dime at the casino, I have never been given anything in life without having worked for it and until this summer I had lost every single bet of my life. Winning my bets, and consequently becoming the World Champion (finally!), came at a horrible price. Looks like all the luck I had was spoiled on that one event. Although worth it, I'd say it was more of Miro Klose's luck than mine that made that happen. Long story short, I was unlucky, of course, and my tiny bike accident wound got infected.

I was back for a checkup yesterday morning, August 11, still being hopeful I might be able to pass the cup. But just like Frodo Baggins, doom had chosen me. After two hours of waiting with incredible pain they decided I had to be operated again right away. And when they said right away they meant a full 9 hours later in which I wasn't allowed to drink or eat due to anaestetics. On top of that, I didn't expect I would actually have to stay so I didn't have my phone on me to tell anyone at all what was happening or any money to even buy myself a magazine. Retrospectively, there is only one activity I fulfilled yesterday, and that was sit, sit, sit or wait, wait, wait with no clue when that pointless 20 minute operation would take place. When it finally did I was at least blessed with an anaestetist who was easy on the eyes.

I have further reasons to be pissed. Alright, shit happens but it would have been great if it stopped there. But no! Due to my insomnia I have an insurance add-on for a private room. Of course they didn't have one so no sleep. My mom then organized a stick for the internet which, obviously, didn't work. And, of course, that was the last one. But all that was minor business in comparison what else has happened on August 11 which, of course, I was not aware of without a phone or internet. Fortunately, I only found out this morning that Miroslav Klose resigned yesterday. Thank God I didn't know that on my way to the OR or else my chances of waking up without tears would have been blown out of the water. This happening made August 11 a sad day for the world and not just for me.

So next year the Timehop app might remind me of this terrible day but I won't forget this horrific date to begin with. This date epitomizes bad luck for me. One of my friends just had three accidents in three weeks and never exceeded a hospital stay of 20 minutes. How do I fall and hit something that costs me a week in the hospital and months without sports, the only thing keeping me sane. It can only be described as a series of very unfortunate events and as far as I am controlling what the universe is throwing my way this will be the end of it. I've had enough. I deserve a break, and I deserve it now. Universe, you better take note because I'm no longer available for any kind of crap. I am, however, very ready for a job, so you better start digging one out for me...

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