Friday, March 25, 2016

Charlotte The Kitty: Notes On My New Best Friend

Although I grew up with a cat, I am a total dog person. My theory of how owning a dog is the answer to all of my prayers is ominous: I'd have a house, a partner and money, otherwise I wouldn't have a dog! Since I am currently fighting another race/gender-related eviction in Cairo, a place I will no doubt stay, with very little money, I have decided to make a partner regardless. And as the human I want to be around is currently "out of town" my choices had to be limited to a partner with paws. I might not be ready for a dog, but I now own a cat. Charlotte has become my best friend in my dire existence next to coffee and french fries and I love her more that anything. A catch? I don't actually like cats.

Maybe it's the complete state of being "over" Egypt and the fun that is available there (which is not a lot of fun at all) but I have seldom found myself wanting to leave my house now that I have a feline friend I can hang out with. It may be a coincidence but at about the same time I had a cat sharing my bed with me my desire to see humans pretty much vanished. Now this has a lot of reasons not related to making pals with Charlotte but that cat gives me the perfect excuse. Instead of heading to yet another underwhelming event in Cairo I now more often than not opt to stay in, watch people text me how I'm not missing out, and watch some movies with Charlotte.

When you watch movies, cuddle and share a bed with an individual, you usually do end up falling in love, and so of course I fell in love with her as if she was one of my boyfriends who did all these things when they weren't busy being outside of the city/country. We have now come to a point where she chills in the living room, and comes "knocking" on my door when she wants to hang out. Usually, she then stays with me all day, particularly taking an interest in kneading my boobies and purring when I caress her ears.  That's almost exactly the same behavior one can expect from a lover and Charlotte doesn't fight or accuse me of being a drama queen. Score!

In the process of this new relationship I have therefore started to like cats, or more accurately, one of them quite intensely. Her adorable face and fluffy white hair do the rest: I'm hers! Her hobbies of sitting in my closet, watching me type for hours at a time or sleep on her back inspire the regular "awww!" in my head to the extent that I smile although nobody is around. This, again, makes for a wonderful addition to happiness. When I wake up in the morning because Charlotte is snoring right next to my face, I wake up with a smile, and when she purrs from my rug as I fall asleep it's like a sedative and I go to bed happy. In a way, Charlotte therefore has become the biggest source of happiness for me.

And then I remember why people seem to be spending quite a lot of money to have a pet: you're just never alone! They're cute, they're fun and they're company. Cats may not give you as much love as dogs do, but her sheer willingness to hang with me and make me be happy that I have the cutest cat in the world to drool on my lap was worth the completely raided bank account I now have because I refuse to leave her behind once I return to the Fatherland or -continent. I never even got her on purpose, and now she's the best thing I have. I'm so happy my flatmate decided to take her in and then effectively abandoned her so she is now my little pussy...

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