Sunday, March 6, 2016

International Woman's Day: Women Are Better Than Men!

It's British Mother's Day, and Tuesday will see International Women's Day. It's time to talk about chicks, yo! I have never proclaimed myself a feminist because that goes without saying. Why would I, as a woman who believes that everyone should be equal, think women should be worth any less than a man, or a tree, or you name it? Living in Egypt, however, has made me one of those people who can actually imagine fighting for that equality because oh boy, women rock! The sheer ridiculousness of this country makes me want to slap people in the face and tell them "You don't mess with women", definitely not with me! And everyday, I become more and more of a fan of my gender...

Egyptian women are bitches, and I'm so glad I'm not a man who marries them and has to concede to the fact that his position as a de facto patriarch are a sham. True, women, especially in Egypt, are inferior to a man in most countries of the world, have far less rights and are looked at as the weaker sex. Egypt has taught me, however, that this perception is the result of a fundamental flaw that disregards the existence of coercion, sexual supremacy and wit. True, in most countries even a woman fully in charge of her husband, father or son is subject to rape and violence, and even the coolest woman can't really do anything about that, but when we look at the most generalized woman, whether she is American or Zimbabwean, women truly aren't weaker at all because strength is not in a muscle.

Independent women who take no shit from men, or anyone really, are a scarcity in Europe. If I had a dime for every time someone told me he loved independent women, then ended up dating the most ridiculous yay-sayer that would never oppose any of his idiotic pursuits I'd be a rich girl. These badass chicks just aren't that popular, even though men with balls as big as peanuts like to say so. For some reason, the girls that truly make my jaw drop are the ones single, or with really awesome guys who have matured enough to see the value of a woman who can acknowledge her power. And unfortunately for real men, that power is quite immense. A woman can give a man everything money can't buy; a real woman can challenge him, make him the best version of himself and completely save his life.

To see all these "bitches" here in Egypt made me see that this power these girls are aware of is absolutely beneficial for both: a woman gets what she wants because her rights won't provide it, and a man is not lost in this country full of challenges that require him to measure his manhood on a regular basis. Without a woman, every man in this godforsaken country would fall apart. And because life here is so much harder, everyone needs a thicker skin. Maybe that's why almost every man I know here wants nothing more than a woman to love. These women here yell at, fight with and beat their opponents because only the strong survive. In the society I come from, this behavior is simply not necessary, therefore women haven't developed it. But the fact remains that the bitchiness we see is not necessary a character flaw but a strength, and real men see the benefit in that because they, too, just want to survive.

As a result, these women kicking and screaming did more for my female image than the 1000 German chicks I know that look, behave and think exactly the same. Instead of calling them boring though I have now learned that they simply do not need that thick skin because their survival is not dependent on being rough and tough. Women do what makes them most successful, and in Europe that means smiling, in Egypt it means fighting. What they all have in common is a thoroughly better understanding on what survival means. A woman knows when to smile and when to fight to get what she wants because sometimes she needs a men's help for that. And because men have penises and a weaker mind they truly are lost. Anywhere...

Women are completely fascinating: their ability to assess, actually perceive how unfair the world is and change that in a way they see fit and try to control men when men are legally or socially in charge is amazing. It's a skill that no man possesses, and even when they realize it's there, they talk it down. There is no way a woman can really still be talked down, even the weak ones. Physically we can't do what men can and laws around the world show us some disadvantage, but emotionally they can't do what we do and we're at a clear advantage. Empirically it's really hard to understand how religion came up with this picture of women being weaker since they make babies and all but all I know is that I am happy I'm a woman because as a straight person I don't have to marry one. Damn, bitches!

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