Tuesday, January 14, 2014

An academic claiming benefits!

When I walked into the job center this morning it wasn't my proudest moment, I gotta admit it. I'm one of those people who don't want to be unemployed and do quite a lot of crap not to be. However, I graduated with two Master's degrees that apparently nobody wants to employ at all so the move had to be made. I live with my mother and have nothing to do all day but to browse the internet looking for a job I can even apply to because despite being top of my class I can't even seem to find a job LISTING that applies to me. So on top of the money my beloved state gave me in order to get these qualifications I'm now asking for them to give me just a little bit more until I find a way to put them to action.

My country doesn't have a huge problem with unemployment and you would think it'd be a little easier finding a job if you want one. My conservative friends would now be saying that there surely must be a job I could do, and I've been doing them so far, but there is nothing out there for me right now that would justify me spending my country's money on for the past four years. What did I get those degrees for if literally nobody is willing to employ me, never mind has a need for my expertise? It's a very depressing reality...

And suddenly I understand why I needed to go to Scotland to study Politics and History at a respectable level. Beside Engineering or Medicine Germans make a very one sided decision when it comes to their education. Every other person I know studies economics. It's insane. You'd think Germany's China by now with half of the population having a degree in economics, finance, anything numbers. They make that choice not because an above average number of Germans have a keener interest in the science behind it. Nah, they want the money! And they get the money with it because a job means money, and every job in this country wants an economist.

Numbers were never an option for me although I'm good with them. I always wanted a purpose, a job that would allow me to go to heaven. Looks like Germany has little time for the Social Sciences and me being a Social Scientist I'm screwed from every angle I'm trying to look at this. I never learned to be a shark so why would anyone want my Political Science degree to make a profit? Every job I would want to do is connected to unpaid internships, freelancing and some other sort of "foot in the door" scenario outside of the city I live in which lead me to the inevitable walk to the job center to claim benefits. Because I have nothing!

The horrors I saw this morning were unreal to me. Four out of five people I spoke to this morning looked down to me like I was a scrub. Only when I mentioned my situation (and education!) was I treated with respect which is totally unacceptable. But most fellow scrubs received an even harsher treatment. One elderly foreign guy was made fun of in front of every person in the waiting room by the guy at the reception, it was a disgrace for the profession. There's only so and so many jobs you really have to be friendly and respectful for and I'd say working at the job center is by miles one of them. How does that guy have a job and I don't???

I don't deserve a job more than anyone else. In fact maybe I deserve one less than most people because I didn't start thinking about what I want to do with the rest of my life at age 6. Sorry I changed my mind about what I want to do in the last year. Does that mean now that I will be unemployed forever because I prepared for one thing but decided to do something slightly different? It is simply ridiculous to me that I decided that pursuing to be a world-famous Hollywood star was too much to aim for and now wish I'd have gone for it because how hard can it be in comparison to finding a job with a politics degree...??? LORD HELP ME!

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