Saturday, January 18, 2014

Richard Curtis' "About Time" is so not about time...

For the third time in two weeks I watched the movie "About Time" today, Richard Curtis' newest sickeningly adorable rom-com. I chose the word sickening for a reason because I get sick to my stomach being jealous of the characters in it. I only manage to turn it off and return to my own life because I repeat in my head that it's just a movie and stuff like that doesn't happen in real life. And no, unfortunately I don't even mean the bit where the protagonist Tim travels through time.

So Tim learns that he can travel back in time along his own life and change things. His father tells him to use the skill to make himself truly happy. Because Tim is a movie character he decides he's going to use his power for love, and love only. Despite time travel being a myth I find a guy not abusing this power to get laid just as mysterious. Since he's adorable he then starts dating Rachel McAdams aka Mary and they live a life so incredibly out of touch with real life that this feeling inside of me arises that says I will never truly be happy unless my life is the movie "About Time".

Movie Reality #1, let's not forget, is Tim traveling through time. The plot, which could not be any cheesier, is laid out quite cleverly though. It is an entertaining story line although romance, love and happiness are the center of a Richard Curtis movie, not this little twist that makes imdb suggest "Pacific Rim" as a similar movie. I suppose the time traveling is what he threw in there to not make the same movie he's made three or four times before again... however, it's not just the time traveling that makes "About Time" a sci-fi movie (see points 2-4).

Movie Reality #2, is exposed in the first 20 seconds of the movie, showing this incredible mansion in Cornwall, introducing all the members of the family that live in it, living a life away from troubles and worries and naturally it comes to mind that Tim's dad must be a Leeman brother. But no, Tim's dad retired at 50 from being a teacher. I know both what they pay in education and the housing prices in Britain, particularly in Cornwall with access to a private beach. I don't think so! Money, everybody's favorite worry is not a problem for anyone in this movie. As if that wasn't illogical enough my favorite quote by Tim's dad is "I've never bumped into a genuinely happy rich person!" I'm confused! And, just like any other Richard Curtis movie, every character lives in the loveliest flats, by themselves. Mary, for instance, is a reader at a publisher but entertains her own household in a south-western flat in London at approximately 22 years old. It simply cannot be done. It frustrates me because I want all these things but am too poor for either a flat in London or a mansion in Cornwall.

Movie Reality #3,  is how ridiculously easy Tim moves to London, finds a beautiful place because his dad's got connections (duh!), doesn't train to be a lawyer, he miraculously just is one and then conveniently finds love. After only a 10 second moment in which Tim complains about life getting a bit lonely in the city he goes to dinner and meets the love of his life. No unemployment, no friend drama, no money issues but a stunning girlfriend basically right away. And guess what? She loves him back... Why is Tim's life so much better than mine? As if I wasn't jealous of him already he's only 22. Must be a movie because I know 22-year-olds better than myself and they are not looking for love. And they do not earn money. And they do not go to fancy restaurants. Tim is like a Disney prince with a stutter, making every real guy look like an insensitive villain and loser. Life with Tim is equally amazing. In 90 minutes there is not a single fault in the guy and I have to stop dreaming of my life being like Tim and Mary's because it will never happen... to anyone!

Movie Reality #4, is Margot Robbie asking you to come inside and you saying no. I don't think it would happen even if the guy wasn't able to turn back time but then again I'm just a terrible cynic.

About Time is everything you want from a Richard Curtis movie. Grated cheese non-stop, wrapped in a mix of English scenery and everybody's dream of relationships and family. So much happiness, so much pitch-perfect love and so much English charm, although the lead is played by an Irishman that tries to sound like Hugh Grant. It's completely out of touch with reality which of course is alright since we're talking about time travel and love, and we don't watch a Richard Curtis movie to start thinking about life; life's what we want to escape. The attempts to put some drama into the mix in the form of Tim's sister's accident and father's death can't overshadow how perfect their life is. I know, I know, it's a movie, but I want my life to be exactly like theirs. And having Bill Nighy as my father wouldn't suck either...

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