Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Love for Dick van Dyke... explained!

I find it very necessary to speak about my most random passion: Diagnosis: Murder! That show is perfection to me. Now I'm not entirely sure if it's the fact I've been watching this show for the best part of the last two decades and it received nostalgia status somewhere along the way or if it's just an insanely good show. I'm leaning towards a mixture of both. In any case, it's very easy to express why I love Diagnosis: Murder and if I do anything right at all everybody who reads this will be watching some crime channel tomorrow.

First and foremost, Dick van Dyke is my favorite person. Dick is always happy, he's optimistic, he tries to be a good person and he's a damn good actor. He's everything I want to be. In fact, I believe he just plays himself as Dr Mark Sloan so he doesn't even have to be a good actor. But he is. Did anyone see how he received his lifetime achievement award at the SAG awards last year? The guy's almost 90 years old and he skipped to the stage... absolutely incredible! He's a positive influence on my TV screen and I love his cute little tap dancing or singing demonstrations on the show. What happened to men these days? I'd marry Dick van Dyke in a heartbeat!

Me and the gang!
Dr Mark Sloan is clever, insanely nice, caring and a perfect gentleman. That alone is pretty good. Now he's also a doctor and solves murders like no other. I love how he escapes death. My favorite was when someone tried to kill him with laughing gas and he was dying but couldn't contain himself laughing. What a performance! Or that time when he staged his death and even sacrificed his car to appear dead in order to catch a killer. Genius! And man, it was brilliant how he was wearing those glasses to tell Steve and Jesse where he was when Carter Sweeney made him tape that video after he kidnapped him. And in 2013, believe it or not, Dick van Dyke, the man, the actor, the legend, survived a car crash and emerged from a burning car wreck at 87 years old. You'd think Diagnosis:Murder just has good writers but only life makes these stories, you can't pay for that kinda sh**. Is it possible that Dr Mark Sloan is in fact Dick van Dyke himself?

Diagnosis:Murder ran for 8 seasons in the 90s and hence I struggle to understand why I get abuse once I talk about it being my favorite show. I barely watch TV, none to be exact, but there's few things I enjoy more than watching some Diagnosis:Murder and I've seen all 178 episodes numerous times. After all this time, it's still good and I can rely on it being good for the rest of my life. I'd go as far as saying I'm probably one of the Top 100 biggest fans of this show on the planet. With this being said I will now doze off into an outstanding night's sleep watching the episode Murder x4, one of the best!

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