Friday, January 24, 2014

Thoughts on age differences

My dating history is very diverse. Africa, Europe, South and North America are represented numerously. Short and tall guys, ranging from the tall, skinny musician to the buff fitness model. No two guys I dated were the same. I so don't have a type, it seems. The only thing almost all of them had in common is that they were younger than me.

I have come to accept that this is indeed my type. I'm not even ashamed of it but I love younger guys. I explain it with my constant desire to do things out of the ordinary. I don't want to be like everyone else, and everybody else has a boyfriend who's two years older. Having a younger boyfriend is pretty lame and doesn't really make you any cooler so I'm under the impression it's actually the person I'm interested in, not what other people think of us.

However, there's a reason girls stay away from younger guys. The reason is that it sucks to date younger guys. Guys my age and younger are just not men, and in my opinion one or two years won't change it. The youngest guy I ever dated was 39 months younger than me, I counted often! When it was me and him I could never tell he was much younger than me, or at least not younger than a guy my age. If we had lasted a little longer certain problems were inevitable though. And the reasons are obvious...

I'm one day away from being 25 that meaning that I'm past the partying, more into the career progression or chilling on a couch. My priorities have changed from alcohol at the lowest price to excellent wine no matter the cost. And most importantly, I'm not wasting my time (or at least don't really want to) with a boyfriend for the sake of having a boyfriend. If, like that guy I saw last year, I was 21 I'd be far away from a chick like me, looking for the potential of finding a forever. At 21 I was certainly not. But a guy dating me will have to know that we're heading somewhere, no fooling around.

The hardest thing to combine is the lifestyle of people of different age. Now two or three years won't matter in a few years but I'm assuming that being a problem with all kinds of age differences. When I was 19 a 31-year-old wanted to go out with me and I was too scared. I wanted to be 19, not a grown up. And unless you're Madonna you don't wanna be with a twenty-something because you're done being twenty-something. I will find it hard now finding someone my age who has the same ideas of lifestyle because, frankly, I should be going crazy now. This is the time to do it, but I'm done.

There are other reasons why I'm particularly interested in younger guys and I genuinely don't see it ending but I probably shouldn't disclose these reasons until a younger guy has married me and can't escape anymore. I think it's insanely fun to date younger guys. And I'm not even that old so I suppose once I am they become even more appealing. Cougar in the making? Oh gosh... Maybe it's just a desperate attempt not to commit. This needs to be continued!

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