Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A St Paddy's memory or two

So I'm not much of a drinker, hate Guiness and I'm certainly not Irish but March 17 has been a significant date for me in the past few years. My best bud in Scotland is Irish, I love potatoes and green is my favorite color so I had my fair share of drinking-related St Paddy's day memories. It appears that not being a drinker is a huge disadvantage on this particular date. But let's recap one by one:

5 years ago
Today 5 years ago I arrived in Dundee for the very first time. I had never heard of St Paddy's as it's not celebrated, or mentioned, in Germany (big surprise, Germany missing out on a fun day... read earlier post). I was amazed at the sheer amount of drinking I witnessed as I was unaware I arrived on the drinking holiday in a city full of Irish people. Needless to say, that day completely changed my life. If I had never come to Dundee my life would no doubt have been a lot different, and more than likely worse. March 17, 2009 is therefore a day of destiny that shaped the rest of my life. It was followed by the best decision I ever made when I decided that the impression I got on that day would determine I chose Dundee as my new home.

4 years ago
One of my very first friends in Dundee was Graeme Spowart and on March 18, 2010 he was running for Sports Union President on campus. I love that guy and he was a great candidate. I therefore agreed to be wearing his campaign T-Shirt all of St Paddy's 2010 and talk to as many people as possible in order for him to win the next day. Conveniently, I was invited to no less than 9 parties that day, so I party-hopped from Seymour Street to Seagate, wearing that bright orange T-Shirt, sipping on some green drinks and telling everyone who wasn't fast enough to escape that their duty to get up tomorrow was needed for Graeme to win. Graeme won with a landslide the next day, making the little bit of a headache worthwhile.

3 years ago
Oh dear, the beginning of the end. Today 3 years ago was the second worst night of my life. Actually, what I remember is fantastic, however, I don't remember much, making it quite horrible to talk about. I was trying to set up Conor with a girl he liked, and I was successful. I proceeded to go to the Union with some Spanish guys and later found out I texted Conor non stop, each time forgetting I had done it already. Low point! But it's Paddy's right? After I had been chucked out of the Union for smuggling drink I ran into some friends who then escorted me to a different club in town. While this was a fun day and night I am mortified I actually drank enough to lose my memory like that. There was only one time I escalated more, and that was...

2 years ago
Remember how I said March 17, 2011 was the second worst night of my life? Yeah, guess which one's #1? ding ding ding, March 17, 2012. It was a horrible time around then. My boyfriend was unemployed and very unhappy and life hadn't been very fun. I had a lot of hope to finally have some fun on Paddy's. Why, oh why, did I start drinking at 11am? What a horrendous idea! I remember going to see him at work because some friends were playing at the pub he worked in. These friends were from my church, and I arrived there a state. So so unfortunate. I never drank as much as on Paddy's so I must have given such a bad impression. From 10pm there are no memories whatsoever. I obviously cried a lot and eventually woke up at my boyfriend's the next morning completely unaware about how I ended up there. Worst state ever, never repeated. After this absolute low point of drinking history I quit the drink for months...

Last year
Last year sucked. I had made plans with three different friends because living in Glasgow I had gotten used to people being lame all the freaking time and canceling last minute. Just like most experiences I made in Glasgow this day was no exception and I was disappointed once again when all three of them independently canceled. I spent St Paddy's day two minutes away from Glasgow's Ashton Lane alone in my room with a container of Ben & Jerry's. I didn't even have a drink. Considering my states the previous two years I can't say it was a bad idea. However, I feel that even a boring social drinker like me deserves a bit of a buzz on St Paddy's. Well, not that time...

This year
Can't even say anything. Did nothing but sleep, eat, and annoy the jobcenter for finally paying me some money. Apparently making a fool out of yourself and applying for benefits isn't humiliating enough, they also ignore everything you ever say to them and don't call or write back when you're desperately crying out for some support. I must say I don't enjoy being drunk but today I would have preferred to be drunk, partying with Conor and eating some potatoes than feeling like the halfwit they are treating me like.

Next year
I pray to God that this trend of deterioating experiences may stop and next year I will be able to have a drink with a couple of Irish guys in a pub somewhere without escalating. I miss the Irish presence in my life although I am way too boring to acclimatise to their lifestyle. I am not half, not even quarter the drinkers they are but I appreciate a day like St Paddy's to let go and enjoy that not everything in life has to be serious or make sense. 364 days a year I think getting smashed is a bad idea, and of course an Irish holiday shouldn't really be the exception, but why not really? Not everything must be thought through, and I would happily celebrate St Paddy's again one day so I have one more day I can remember... or not!

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