Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A highly impartial analysis of why Germany will win the World Cup!

It is hard for me to actually believe that the World Cup is only two months away again. The wounds of the last one (or the one before that, or the one before that) barely healed yet, never mind the Euro wounds that ripped my heart out and had an Italian d*** dance on it only two years ago. This time two and four years ago I was betting a lot of money and (when the money ran out) favors that I eventually lost and paid for over months. My faith in my team could not be broken. I was convinced each time that the title was the only possible scenario, and even when it didn’t come about in the end I still can’t believe it didn’t. I will never change my mind that the Euro Cup 2012 is standing in the wrong country. And again, I can’t lie, Germany winning the World Cup is the only thing I can see happening in Brazil. However, I’m going to approach this a little differently this time...

In my very objective eyes Germany is the best team out there right now. Hold on, hold on, Spain is still rocking it but they can’t possibly be that lucky to win a fourth consecutive tournament. The first two wins were deserved, two years ago their times were over and I’m fairly confident if it wasn’t for Mario Ballot…(sorry, I can’t possibly speak his name yet) Germany would have murdered them in the final. Another theory of mine is that both Spanish teams took a beating at the Champions League that year and consequently the Spanish had a lot of face to win back. If all they did for six years was winning how much would they have wanted that title? They wouldn’t have been able not to be super arrogant and fail, I’m sure. But Italy in the final is a dream opponent for anyone but Germany. This year it simply has to come to an end. Even being the best team in the world you get unlucky once, and they haven’t yet. I’m hoping that a Spanish team beats Bayern in the Champions League so they feel confident for that final of the World Cup when they’re playing Germany (if they make it that far) and underestimate our boys only to be surprised by our forza. Because we have plenty of it!
If we make it through the group stage we may as well skip the Group of 16 because you don’t have to be a German enthusiast to know that our boys will probably crush each team of Group H. I know, never say never, in this case I will go ahead and say never though. If Germany goes out in the Group of 16 I will lose faith in life, that’s how incredibly ridiculous that would be. In the quarterfinals we could then be playing Brazil. Oh my, how I don’t want to play them. The reason is easy: I don’t want to be the one sending the hosts packing. I still hate the Italians for stealing my trophy at the World Cup in my own country and I don’t want the Brazilians to hate me because we will have to do the same to them if such a scenario would arise. Either Germany or Brazil going out in quarterfinals is a shame. At the same time I consider Brazil my only threat. Spain, as I said, can’t possibly keep momentum for a decade, it’s time to make some room at the top. Brazil, however, has a whole lot to lose. Winning in their own country would be amazing for them, and if I wasn’t German I’d hope they would. Unfortunately my team deserves this more than them… no mercy!
Fact is you have to be the best to win this. This ain’t the Euro where mediocre performances keep you in the game for up to three weeks. If you happen to play in 2004 you may even win the whole competition because you got lucky. At the World Cup there is a lot bigger potential to meet a top team in a game; however, I believe that the Germans are to be feared more than any other team. Maybe I should just support the opposition because I tend to lose everything. Since I support the Germans we haven’t won a single tournament. But maybe Brazil is finally that silver lining. I consider it impossible to want that title any more than me, ehm, Germany. And desire is a big part in the fight. I’m going to refrain from betting this time because it only gives people fuel to wind me up and I’m already very annoyed by how little faith everyone has in our boys. Then again, since when are Germans optimistic? It would genuinely make my life winning this… it would mean everything. Did I mention it would make my life?

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