Saturday, April 5, 2014

And I thought How I Met Your Mother was about MY life...

Let’s face it; the people watching How I Met Your Mother aren’t that different to those who watch The Bachelor: hopeless romantics that believe in the one true love. Maybe HIMYM viewers valued laughing a bit more, at least at actual jokes, not people acting like one. At times I actually found HIMYM funny enough to laugh out loud. This last episode wasn’t funny at all though. For one the jokes were bad but mainly the "end". Turns out Bob Saget wasn't actually talking about finding the love of his life for 9 years. They focused on that entire Ted and Robin story despite everyone knowing he’d be marrying someone else in the end. And then, the end wasn’t the end, confirming the most annoying saying in the entire world “All will be good in the end. If it’s not good, it’s not the end.” What the hell is the end then?

Me and the gang before that bitch Sparkles stole my posse!
HIMYM hit strangely close to home for me at times. I’m aware that they chose their motifs based on having the biggest possible impact on everyone, as everybody’s been looking for love before, everybody’s broken up before, everybody’s lost someone and everybody’s lost their memory of an epic night because they got too drunk. I’ve been looking for the love of my life, of course, however with less dating than Ted. I’ve had some pretty crazy encounters with drunken people. And although I’m kind of losing the attitude I have believed in one bad thing happening in order for something better to come along, just like Ted. Since we now know that the show wasn’t even about Ted meeting the love of his life I suppose I’m just going to expect to end up marrying Conor when I’m 60 and we’re both widowed because we didn’t realize we’re in love for 40 freaking years!!! Way too ruin everyone’s hopes for a happy end, producers!

The most dead on episodes for me were the ones centered on Marshall and the loss of his father. I know what that’s like. And I was a bit younger than Marshall, too, when that crap happened to me. But the final episode also had many similarities to my life, although obviously not to that extent. Things not working out between Barney and Robin despite them loving each other is such an example. I’ve had three romances cut short due to geographic boundaries. Love isn’t everything (shut up, Ted!). I don't have kids yet but if I ever do I am pretty certain my reaction to them will be the exact same as Barney's to his daughter. Another similarity is that Marshall worked in a job he hated for years because that’s what’s asked of him. Funnily enough two of my best friends are both in Law as well, hating it big time, but being brave and sticking it out. One has a boyfriend as a positive presence to make up for having an unfulfilling job and the other is now realizing that happiness doesn’t have to be drawn from a profession. And although I’m not doing Law I might have to curb my expectations a bit that I will be doing something I enjoy.

This past week I have been pretty pissed with the notion that if it’s not good yet it’s not the end. The HIMYM finale only gave me the last punch I needed. So Ted had to go through all that crap to end up with the girl he wanted in the first place? That annoys me a lot. I suppose I could also be happy for Ted that in the end it was all worth it but it wasn’t the end, really, was it? He found the love of his life, she dies, and he ends up with Robin who was there from Episode one. His life could have been worse but it could also have been a whole lot easier. If I get married to the love of my life this summer in freaking Germany I’ll see why I never got all these jobs or why a lot of bull had to happen first. That would then be the end they all talk about? I don’t really get it. What end do they mean? If all the saying means is that I’ll be laying on my death bed and say “All right, overall it was all good!” then that blows so much. I don’t want to be lost until the last day when it actually makes sense. I’d like to see some of the failures make sense now, I’m impatient.

I still totally enjoyed that entire show. It had its slight imperfections such as every character miraculously being rich although obviously never working or almost every “joke” from Season 9 which clearly suffered from Jason Segal not signing for another regular season. So the supposed "end" blew all the previous lessons I tried to learn from the show out the water and basically taught us that there's never a happy end but life always goes on. There were many episodes that actually encouraged me though. Me, the girl that’s 25, ambitious, not too easy to date, yet looking to fall in love one day, become a different, easier to date person for the right guy and make some sweet babies. Other than Ted I’m totally fine with being 25 and not married because I was never a person worth marrying before but I’m close now, let me tell ya. Once I find out what the heck I’m gonna do with the next bit of my life I’ll be some chick! And because of HIMYM I just adapted to the thinking that whatever happens then will be so good that everything happening now will be forgotten… 

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