Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Cover Letter I never wrote but wanna...

To whom it may concern,

do you know the kind of person that's just really good at everything, learns whatever is necessary and tends to rock whatever is asked of her? Like the complete opposite of a loser? I'd like to believe it's me...!

The truth is that by now I am desperate for any job but 99% of the jobs I apply to I am truly, deeply confident I could do a fantastic job at. I still only apply to jobs I can see myself being happy with, and once I'm devoted to somehing I simply will not stop trying until I am playing with the pros. Now I might have a good history with success but even if I didn't I'd just know: I never wanted anything as bad as this job that once I have it I won't be able to be anything but the freaking bomb!

I can tell you about all my achievements which are plenty but I'm sure you've seen more impressive candidates on paper. One explanation might be that, to my later regret when I failed to find me a job with it, I prioritised personal growth in my study summers. I never interened because for all of my adult years I was hoping and led to believe that I have what it takes to get a PhD. For four years it was nothing but academics. Work experience isn't really an issue in that field. Therefore, I have none. It does not define my potential for the role that I changed my mind not to do a PhD anymore. Am I going to have to get used to being unemployed just because I chased the wrong dream for an unusually long time?

All I'm hoping for is that you invite me to an interview because a CV and cover letter is not the medium I would chose to make an impression with. And I am sure I can make that impression. Because if I applied for this position I am sure I will be one of the best candidates you could have. I don't like doing something I know nothing about. I don't want a role that makes me feel like I can't do anything. My application means I want this job badly and that I'm willing to do anything although nobody would ever let me say this to you although it's true.

Which brings me to the biggest seller I have. Forget about the languages. Other people speak languages. Forget about the experience, others have more. Nobody, and I mean it, will be willing to BECOME the job. I have lost a lot in my life. I have lost parents, friends, places to live, and myself a couple of times. There is nothing left to give other than myself. I am burning to find what I am supposed to be doing, and I just happen to believe it's this job. I just love to work! Like I'm a huge fan of it! I studied hard and I loved every second of it because I love progress. And I simply cannot wait to become good at a job. Do something with this amazing life. Be whatever this job requires me to be because I have all of me to give. Although all this sounds trivial this would even apply to being a janitor because if there's one thing I'm not it's what I am now: unemployed!

Give me a challenge, I will gladly take it. You will not find anyone who's more excited about the opportunity to learn. None of your other candidates are burning as much as I am. I can't be inactive anymore, I need to change myself, this life, everybody's life! You don't know me because if you did you would give me the job. If you knew me you'd know I can be trusted when I say: I'm your gal! I'll rock this job!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. If there was a place for it I'd also like to let you know that besides being a good employee I'm also quite nice. And I bake for colleagues.


Sina S.

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